"Crush On You" Tracksuit BOTTOMS

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"Crush On You" Tracksuit BOTTOMS
"Crush On You" Tracksuit BOTTOMS - Honey&
"Crush On You" Tracksuit BOTTOMS - Honey&
"Crush On You" Tracksuit BOTTOMS
"Crush On You" Tracksuit BOTTOMS - Honey's Apparel LLC
"Crush On You" Tracksuit BOTTOMS - Honey's Apparel LLC

"Crush On You" Tracksuit BOTTOMS

$60.00 USD Sale Save

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♡ weighs 250gsm perfect for fall weather

♡ unique brand logo on the front

♡ deep front pockets

♡ form hugging & flattering 

♡ curved rhinestone logo on the back

♡ straight legged

Y2K Cream tracksuit

Care Instructions

When washing your product please wash it with cold water on the delicate cycle inside out and dry it on the coolest setting inside out, if not leave it out to air dry! Please follow these instructions to keep your bottoms in the best conditions ♡ 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cinaya Correa
Size: Small
Height/Weight: 130/135 5’3
Fit: Soft, Smooth, Fitted but not too tight!
Perfect Fit

These bottoms are so comfortable, but also hugs you in all the right places. I feel like thee thickest girl in the room when I wear these. & the bedazzled Logo on the cheeks is just the cherry on top for me !!!

Gisselle Baez
Size: Medium
Height/Weight: 4’11/ 138

These pants are all I’ve been wearing since I got them. They are the best sweatpants i own and they are so cute and comfortable. These are 10000% worth it. I am short tho so when I first got it they were very long but I hemmed them and they fit perfectly now.

Size: Medium
Height/Weight: 5"10/127
Fit: Silky and perfectly shaped around my booty to give it a extra umph!
Ass phat? ye I know 🤭🥰

Ideal for walking your dog in the morning or a cute lil smoke sesh ^-^ highly reccomend!!!

Size: Small- top/ Medium-bottoms
Height/Weight: 5’1- 140 ish lbs
Fit: So soft, so luxurious, so expensive
Baddie alert

Firstly thank God I used the size chart- the pants fit so well (the nyash is nyashing)- I was a little scared the pants might be an bit big because I sized for my hips and not my waist- but no issues here it’s lower rise (which I would have never tried but I’m kinda eating it up) and the colour is so pretty on me. My family is genuinely fed up with me cause once I put in on I really believe I’m that b*tch ( but I still caught my mom looking at the website so clearly I am that b*tch) the material is so soft and I can’t put it into proper words how well it fits the woman physique without being too constraining. I was a little skeptical about the price but the clothes are giving what I paid for so I’m not mad at it.

Isabetta Bleu Herrera Grant
Size: medium
Height/Weight: 4'11", 130 lbs
Fit: material is fabulously soft, fit is tight at the top and wide below the knee
comfy enough!

Fabric is so so soft and luxurious. The waistband is a little tight and sits fairly low on ur hips if u got a fatty. Hugs the thighs and flares out for the cozy effect. The legs are probably 6 inches too long for me but obvi depending on your height it would fit just fine.

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