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Size: M
Height/Weight: 5’5.5 150
Fit: 10/10 but don’t wear this on a stupid hot day bc you might regret it. It’s a lil thick so if you know it’s gon get cool later, keep it on you.
Definitely a fantasy

This fantasy tracksuit top lives up to the name. I be feeling so expensive and bougie wearing this bold top. The jewels on the front? the satin hood? Yeaa what more can I say? You see it 🤪 I’d pair this with a sports bra or a crop top, or something with a tight fit

Size: M
Height/Weight: 5’5.5 & 150
Fit: It has a versatile fit. It sits like high waisted shorts, as they stay right above my belly button, but you can pull them down and look fine. It feels so soft. The material is exactly as advertised, like the thickness is perfect for summer nights, so you don’t have to make a wardrobe change. Ouu and we’re in that Indian Summer phase, I might have to pop out in it one mo time before it gets too chilly! Oh and if you have a lil booty like mine and want a more hoochie look, I’d say size down.
So vibrant, so plush! 😩

Wearing this tracksuit, I received so many compliments! It’s really that gworl! Cups my ass just right, and is so vibrant on my skin. And don’t get me started on the materiallll. This is my second tracksuit purchase, and it’s sooo soft — dare I say softer than the winter drop! Honey never misses on the feel of her tracksuits. It gives luxurious and high quality, which is exactly how I feel walking thru my city. 🙌🏾 This has been my tracksuit of the summer. Getchu one if it’s not sold out 🤭💓

Size: Medium
Fit: The fit is fitting, but also comfortable and soft.
Lovely 💕

They are so cute and so comfortable 💗💗

Size: 2x
Height/Weight: 5’4/ 220
Fit: Feel soft just like the other set but wayyyyy more stretchy! You could size down if you want a tight fit but I liked the comfortability of the shorts, they did t give me chubrub or anything like that.🥰🥰1000000/10!
So good imma collect like infinity stones

I loved the bubblegum pink set so I had to cop the honey yellow🍯 one😭😭 No regrets, and I’m gonna come back for the red and orange!!!!!

Absolutely stunning

I loved it so much, it is GORGEOUS! It got here just in time and damage-free. I always get compliments on it too! I definitely recommend. I might even buy the hello kitty one too lmao

Size: XS
Height/Weight: 5’4/ 110lbs
Fit: Fit perfectly

Y’all are sleeping on this product. This tube top is made of the same soft velvet as the iconic tracksuits. The hot pink shade looks so vibrant in person. I based my entire outfit off of the color because it’s so great. The triangle end makes it so unique as a piece.

Size: Medium
Height/Weight: 4’10-11 / 143
Fit: Fit great!

Amazing fit and color

Size: Top (4XL), Bottoms (2XL)
Height/Weight: 5’6/ 228
Fit: Perfect and comfy
If you’re plus sized, purchase from here!

I’ve been wanting a velour tracksuit for AGES. I ordered from multiple places. The largest they provided was a 2xl, which really wasn’t a real 2XL. I high key gave up. I saw real plus sized girlies in the marketing for this brand and I took a chance on here. I got my order quick. It actually fit too!! I found a juicy couture track suit not too long before the set I got from here. The material from here feels just as good if not better! And it fits thick mamas 💞💕. I’m too happy to have found this business. If you’re plus sized and looking for good velour, order from here. If you’re heavy chested like me, you might wanna size up on the top. For reference, I wear a 42 H and I went up two sizes for my top. This also depends on how comfortable you feel showing a little more stomach because I could’ve got a 3XL and been just fine. The tracksuit itself is also comfortable, yet sexy. I’m definitely ordering all my velour tracksuits from here.

"Fantasy" Tracksuit TOP
Jordan Madayag
Size: Small
Height/Weight: 5’2/115
Fit: soft and comfy and flattering
tracksuit of my dreams !!

exactly as pictured !! so so so gorgeousssss, i love the color, the design, THE HEART POCKETS?? it’s so comfy n makes me look so cute :,) tbh i wasn’t gonna get this but i did anyways as a treat !! thank you !!

"So Into You" Tracksuit BOTTOMS

"Promiscuous" Tracksuit BOTTOMS

Size: M
Height/Weight: 147/5'6


Size: XL
Height/Weight: 5’10/200
Fit: Perfect
So pretty 😍

I love it so much i wear it around campus.

Size: large
Fit: it’s a body hugging fit but the fabric is really stretchy fit.
you ate with one

this is such a cute set and fits super well. the details are so cute and well thought out!!

Size: 4
Height/Weight: 5’6/ 315 lbs
Fit: True to size but adjustable and nice soft feel it’s amazing!

I wanted to try something new and this tube top caught my eye. It’s giving me Y2K vibes which I love and makes me feel confident and so sexy.

Jelly $hades
Ishana Morgan
Jelly Shades

They are great, just a little scratched from shopping but overall super stylish!

Size: XL
Height/Weight: 5’6 230
Fit: Nice aff

So cute

Size: Large
Height/Weight: 5’2/187
Fit: Velour & hugs the body nicely but can provide stretch
Cutest summer tracksuit ever!!

I ordered a size Large & it fits like a glove. Has room for stretch but is elastic so it bugs your frame nicely. The material is very good and nicely designed. So happy I own a pair.

Size: xs

"So Into You" Tracksuit TOP

Size: Medium
Height/Weight: 5'8 160lbs
Fit: The shorts are short like I wanted them to be but still covered my bottom even though I have long legs. The material is very soft and velvety!
LOVE this tracksuit!

This tracksuit is GREAT! The quality, details, and color go crazy. The sizing was on point, I just went with my regular/average sizing I would regularly buy and the fit is perfect. I wouldn't size up or down.

"Fantasy" Tracksuit TOP
Jonathan Smith jr
Size: XL
Height/Weight: 5'3/ 240
Fit: Yes
My Girl Loves it

My Girl loves the entire outfit! It fits her perfectly and its nice and comfortable on her! Great purchase!

Size: Large
Height/Weight: 5’6 , 186 lbs
My new favorite sweatsuit 💕

I love how it forms to my body I was nervous it would be a little baggy, but it fit perfectly and the material is so soft and luxurious! The details are so cute too, it’s a little pricey but worth every penny I’m so happy with my purchase.

Size: Large
Height/Weight: 5'9 -- 195 lb
Fit: 2000s type of fit. Very soft velvet Its fitted but its comfortable.
I love this top!

I loveeee buying clothes from smaller designers. Feels more personal. The details on this top are amazing. The fabric is SO soft and the zipper is the cutest thing ive ever seen. Plus the website layout is amazing.

Size: XS
Height/Weight: 5’0 / 100lbs
Fit: Fits well, and feels nice

The material was so soft and comfortable, and it’s stretchy, the silk hoodie is great for my hair, I’m so glad I got this😍

"Fantasy" Tracksuit TOP
Maliny Syhavong
Size: M
Height/Weight: 5’5 140
Fit: Fits perfectly! And very soft!!!!
Worth it!

The top is sooooo soft!!!!! And the inside of the hood is a satin feel which is very different and super comfortable! Would def purchase again! Or in a different color!