You have 14 days to request an exchange or receive a refund.

To be considered for a refund your item must be unused, in the condition you received it in, and in its original packaging. If your item is not in its original packaging or if  your item has received any damages caused by you, you are unfortunately exempt from receiving a refund. Once your return has been approved you have 7 days from approval to have your item on its way to us, if not your return will be rejected.

ALL SALE ITEMS ARE NONREFUNDABLE OR VALID FOR EXCHANGES(This include any flash sales, Black Friday sales/deals and etc.) 

Once you qualify for a refund it will be automatically be sent to the card you shopped within 14 days, if you haven't received it make sure to call your bank before you send us an email and you'll receive proof of your refund being issued. Please be advised refunds DO NOT include shipping fees paid by us. If you have any concerns you can reach out to us to see the receipt of postage that was paid for your order.

To start your return process please head over here


You may be legible to exchange for the same item if the item you received has no damages or defects. Please keep in mind that some items are seasonal and may be sold out for weeks so you will have the option to be given a store credit until the item is back in stock. Much like refunds make sure you follow the same protocols.

Exchange. International customers are responsible for paying the postage fee when receiving the new exchange item. 

To start your exchange process please head over here

*refunds & exchanges do not include items that are marked as limited edition or marked as non-refundable 

Damaged Items

You have 72 hrs from when the item has been marked as delivered and signed for to provide us with evidence that you received your items damaged by us,  email us at with the subject: Damage. If you exceed this time frame you will not be legible to exchange or get a refund. 

Wrong Address 

If you believe you have placed the wrong address, you have until after 12 hrs from placing your order to contact us via contact  page to let us fix your error, if your order was already marked as shipped then it'll be too late and we are no longer responsible.  

Lost Package

We are not liable for any lost packages. However, we will do our best to work with you so you can try to get your money back by helping you file a claim through the shipping provider, this goes for stolen items as well. This excludes those who purchased Route Shipping Protection.

Body Jewelry

Due to the intimacy of this product all body jewelry are not legible for refunds, returns, or exchanges unless damaged. This is highlighted in every description for body all jewelry.