$20 OFF Your Next Tracksuit Purchase 💋

Get $20 OFF Your Next Set Purchase by Submitting a Video Review🤩

Feeling camera shy? Girl, don’t worry! Shake off the nerves and just tell us your name, how you discovered us, and answer the three questions below 

1.What size did you purchase and how does it fit?

2.What did you order and what feature surprised you most about the product you purchased? Ex: The pockets? The satin lined hoodies? The fit?

3.Would you recommend Honey’s Apparel to other y2k hotties and why? 


Tips For Shooting A Video:

Lighting is everything! Shoot during the daytime for the best lighting. (In front a window will give you some bomb lighting)

Give us angles! We wanna see you stunt in your set with a full body shot!

Keep it cute! Use a plain white or solid color background like a simple wall and be the star of the show by keeping any clutter out of frame. Be sure that your camera is clean for the best quality possible.

You can submit your video here

Once the video is approved expect a coupon from us in 3 business days or less :)

Please note that once you submit your media you are agreeing to allow us to repost your content and it may be ran in ads. This offer is only valid for tracksuits that are in season/current.